Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NADAC Agility Trial 11-4-12 Day 3

The 3rd and final day of the Trial.
We had a couple thing on the line this day, we need just one more leg (read: good, fast, clean, qualifying run) for both our Jumpers, and Tunnelers title.
Unfortunately today was a day of disappointments.   
Before we get to the footage..I'd like to tell you a story about how daylight savings doesn't always go as planned.  Team Rodgers woke up Sunday feeling refreshed.  Half of the Team was in the shower..the other half looked at the clock on her phone.  The plan was to leave Casa de Rodgers around 715 to arrive at the trial at 8.  When the phone was checked it said 715...so some time math was done, and the nightstand clock was checked, the time was Googled, and ultimately, the "phone guy's" phone managed to set itself back 2 hours!!  He thought it was 615, but really it was 715!  So what was going to be a peaceful morning, was a mad dash to the trial site.  Live and learn.  We learned that you should always set a backup alarm..and that Apple products are superior..as they set their own time to the proper time. Yay Apple!
Now the footage.

Novice Jumpers. This was supposed to be our 3rd and final leg for Oliver's Novice Jumpers Title.  Well..things don't always go as planned.  I had made some plans based on his usual speed.  You can see as soon as I release him, I can tell he's going much faster than I anticipated.  He unfortunately plows into a jump.  It doesn't really slow him down at all, but I was shaken, worried he might be hurt.  He took the next pattern faster that I thought, so I ended up on the wrong side headed back near the start line.  He kept great speed, and I was mostly happy, but too bad we knocked that bar (which he's never done before). He's totally fine, and it didn't shake him at all.

Novice Regular. I didn't really have high hopes based on his previous performance.  We started off good, but of course, the weave poles didn't happen..so it's probably good you can't really see them because of the A-frame.  We went on to miss the Tunnel/Dog Walk discrimination.  He was supposed to go over the Walk. Turd.

Novice Tunnelers. We needed one more leg for our Novice Tunnelers Title.  While this was a good run, it wasn't fast enough, so we didn't get it.  We had one pause at the dark blue tunnel, which put us over the time.  I was hoping he'd be a little faster, since he'd been favoring tunnels all weekend...but sadly, no.

Novice Tunnelers. This was the last run of the trial, and my last hope for a Tunnelers Title..Well he totally spaced, and walked off.  I knew that we'd never finish in time, so we were eliminated.  I was pretty proud of his "wrap" out of the dark blue tunnel, but it went south after that.  On the outside of the course people were packing up the food and other stuff...distracting him.

Overall, we had 1 successful Jumpers run, giving us 1st place, and a Qualifying run.  Other than that..it was either too slow, or serious obstacle faults.
We learned a lot...and we've got a lot of work to do before the next one.  Like a lot of work.  His weaves had been good, so I'm not really sure what happened.  As a matter of fact, today in the yard he sped through the poles like he owned them..turd.
Coraline has moved into the favorite position, and it's only 6 months until she can compete.  She actually had a birthday on Sunday, so the next post is going to be a little Cora-palooza for her 1st birthday.


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