Saturday, November 3, 2012

NADAC Agility Trial 11-2-12 Day 1

Oh man!
Team Rodgers is out on the agility circuit again.
We're playing in a 3 day weekend trail put on by U2 Kan Du Agility in Lawrence.
Today was Day 1, Friday night.  This group is one of the few that puts on events on Friday nights.
Too bad for us, this Friday we did not reign victorious.
You know I've got some footage.

Novice Hoopers.  Our first event of the trial.  He was a bit slow, but overall a clean run.  We were a bit over time, so NQ for us.  Darn.  We were hoping to get the Q which would be our second leg towards our title.  Next time.

Novice Touch N Go.  I knew we were screwed from the start.  The second obstacle was a Tunnel/A-frame discrimination...where you are supposed to climb the frame...well Oliver decided he didn't want to do that.  The rest of the run was ok, and he had no trouble taking the A-frame the second time around.  And of course, we took plenty of time to sniff the dirt.

Novice Weaves.  This was a disaster from the beginning.  Oliver mostly refused to weave properly all night.  He wasn't getting it in the practice arena..and he certainly wasn't getting it in the ring.  He kept approaching from the wrong side.  We half completed 2 of the sets, giving us many fault points, and giving us a NQ.  We've had a hell of a time with Weavers, even though at home, he does fine. We'll keep working.

It was a full night.  The pomeranians are sleepy. We're going to hit the sack early and hit it hard again on Saturday.
I'll give a total breakdown of this weekend's winnings after the trial is over.
Happy Friday


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