Monday, November 5, 2012

NADAC Agility Trial 11-3-12 Day 2

Day 2 of the trail got started very early.. First dog was on the line at 8am.  This judge doesn't play...he's prompt for sure.  We barely made it in time for me to walk the first course.

Day 2 was mostly a terrible day.  He wasn't performing as well as I knew he could.  But if I didn't share our failures as well as our successes what kind of blogger would I be? Let's get straight to the footage.

Novice Touch N Go #2. Ok, so really this was an Ok run. We just wasted too much time trying to get in that one hoop the right way. And my camera man had a little blurry problem. Another thing that was tricky for us was the "wrap" after the A-frame, he had to go through what looked like the last hoop, and turn completely around and keep going on the course.

Novice Weavers #2. This run was pretty much terrible. It took several times to get the first set of weaves, but I was so happy when he finally did. But it was short lived. After giving up on the second set, Oliver decided he was done, and ran off course. We didn't complete it, so we were eliminated.

Novice Regular #1. This was sort of a disaster as well. We started off strong, but he wasn't supposed to take the A-frame. He looks pretty proud of himself as he pauses at the top. He was supposed to take the tunnel underneath it. The weaves didn't go well either. At the end when he was supposed to take the A-frame, he went all the way around and took the other side of the tunnel. Crazy beast.

This run symbolizes the dog I compete with. This is Classic Oliver. He was wonderful from start to finish. One tiny visit to the bar setter in the chair that looked like Daddy..but he came right back to it. Fast in the final straight away. I couldn't be happier. This earned us 1st place and more importantly, a Q. It was the second leg toward his Jumpers Title.
The whole day was pretty rough. I was disappointed for sure. I'm not sure we would have come back if he hadn't pulled through in the last run.

Day 3 was something else, check back soon.


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