Monday, January 2, 2012

A Cora Update, and Mobile Blogging

So I'm taking a cue from a friend, and I'm trying out mobile blogging. I'm not actually mobile, I'm currently in my basement, watching Family Guy. But really the point is, that most of my pictures of Cora are on my phone. It's really a pain to e-mail them then download them then upload them to the hopefully this is easier...let's find out.

It doesn't look like I can write about each photo..
But the gist of the photos are absolute cuteness. Oliver and Cora are getting along wonderfully.

They love each other very much. She's a tiny terror, Oliver is going to have his hands full when she gets a bit bigger.

She sleeps about 3 hours at a time at night. It could be worse, but we can't wait for it to get better. I've decided a puppy is at least as hard as having a baby, sure with a baby you have to get up, but you don't have to go outside. In case you haven't been outside lately at 3 AM, it's cold, really freaking cold! And for a while a baby can't chew up everything you own.. At least she's been pretty good on that front for now. She loves her crate so far, and things are pretty much going really well.

I'm definitely enjoying my days off, even though it's not very relaxing chasing her all over, but she melts my heart...totally worth it!

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