Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cora is 9 Weeks Old

Well, we've been having lots of fun here at Casa de Rodgers.  Cora is 9 weeks old..and she's already bigger I think.  Her personality is really starting to come out..and frankly, she's going to be running this show in no time. 
She still loves Oliver very much..she's not afraid to take him or anyone else on at any time.  

She's a little bit of a klutz and a little bit goofy. 

She was barking at him, because she wanted to play some more. 

A little worn out, she looks almost sweet...don't be fooled, she's a pistol!

She's curious about everything.  We're really going to have our hands full.  Once we can get some training underway, I think she's going to be really smart..the trick is going to be getting her to mind.  She's got a mind of her own, and she likes things to go her's going to be a long ride..but a cute one.


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  1. That's the cutest, smallest dog I have ever seen!