Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cora is 10 Weeks

Team Rodgers has been busy busy.  Our new tiny terror has been keeping us all on our toes.  
Our first Puppy Class was Saturday...she's going to be the star in no time.  She's very smart..and she'll let you know when she wants something.  
She loves Oliver and her kitty brothers.  They don't really know what to think of her still.  
She's learning which bed is hers and which is Oliver's and she prefers which ever one he wants.  She's already so bossy!
We've had a bit of great weather here, so we've been taking advantage of it by playing outside.

We have a rock bench in our yard...it's become her "base".  She loves to hide under it. 

You have to catch her to bring her back inside. 

She can already sit...what a smart girl!

This one cracks me up!  She's attacking Oliver...he plays back and makes a lot of noise, but he's always so careful not to hurt her.

Team Rodgers is so lucky to have such good babies.  

They play so rough, which is great for me, because they are both sleeping right now!


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