Sunday, April 17, 2011

My First Royals Game

This weekend was my 3-day weekend, which is wonderful! Jonathan and I went to the Royals game on Friday night. It was the first game I've ever been to. It would have been good, but if you recall, it was about 2 degrees and raining.

We had just gotten there and were checking out our seats. They were awesome...and if the weather had been nice it would have been a pleasant experience.

Here's a whole bunch of people rolling up the tarp that protects the seemed kind of dumb because it just kept raining.

The first pitch. We were hanging out at the top of the section our seats were in because it was raining, and windy.

The National Anthem. It was really good.

It stopped raining for a while so we went down to our seats. But it started up again, so we only made it through 6 innings. I loved the giant screen! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually excited to go back in some nicer weather so we can enjoy the whole game.

We actually won the game. So maybe next time we go we'll win too.

I get 2 gold stars for an excellent attitude the whole time we were there. I want the weather to know that I spent a really long time straightening my hair for this. I was ready to be a Royals fan. Jon bought me a Royals shirt and I had a white headband and everything. But my rain coat it green, like the opposing team, oh well. Next time.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Easter is coming. I've got a card to post in the next few days. I finished all the grad invites, and I'll post them as soon as she mails them was tough there at the end..I'm definitely glad to be finished with that project. But they did turn out really well.


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