Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alice and Arden are 6 Months Old!

You all know what time it is!
Twin time!  These ladies are 6 months old! I can hardly believe it!  We've survived half of the first year..it's been a wild ride. 

We were again met with challenges at picture time. 

I got a nice one of Alice. 

And an ok one of Arden. 

We visited GG.  She is a baby whisperer and the girls love her!  GG is the girls' granddad's mom..follow?  Good. She is an absolutely wonderful lady.  I can't express the happiness I felt from seeing the joy and love she felt for my babies. 

Arden doesn't like anybody, but she didn't make a peep for GG.  

We have smiles more and more often. 

And princess time. We have lots of that. 

The girls have had a layer of glitter on them for weeks. 

Aurora asked to hold Alice. It was so sweet. She's such a sweet sister. She's crazy about the babies. She can finally tell them apart, she almost always gets it right these days. She kisses them goodnight every night.  I hope their closeness continues, and maybe we'll get to skip the "hitting each other" phase..but probably not.

Tummy time is serious business.  They've started pushing themselves backwards.. Soon it will be forwards!

Uncle Matt is everyone's favorite. 

It's been so nice we've been able to go for a few walks.  We can't wait for spring!

They love touching each other. They reach for each other all the time. 

More tummy time!

Aurora wanted to take a picture with the babies. Alice was the only happy one.  Aurora is holding her hand...I'm serious, this kid is the sweetest thing!
Stay tuned, we've got professional 6 month photos coming up, I'm thinking they're going to be adorable.  Spring is nearly here, and St. Patrick's day is close, the next month is going to be a good one.

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