Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alice and Arden 6 Month Photo Shoot 3-7-16

Time flies.
The girls had their 6 month professional photo shoot this week.  Marissa did a wonderful job!  We went to the Museum at Prairie Fire.  What a creative choice!  I love that building so much, it's just beautiful.  If you've never been, it's definitely worth a visit.

We are a party of 5. It was crazy windy, the temperature wasn't too bad, but the wind was out of control. 

Alice is such a sweet girl.

Arden had a good time, she definitely turned it on for the camera...finally!

I love this one. 


And this one.  Arden has her dimples out and Alice is making a silly face!

Oh, only a party of 4...the big one didn't want to play the game.  She threw a fit nearly the entire time.

The babies loved the colored glass.

Daddy and Alice.

Arden really is a happy girl.  I love these yoga suits.

We managed to get everyone all together at the very end. 

This.  This sums up her attitude all day.  It ended up being a really beautiful shot.  Of course, all I wanted was a nice photo of all 3 of my girls together...nope. Not this time. It's a shame, because seriously, how cute are those lace outfits?!
7 months is approaching quickly.  The weather is getting nicer, so we're out and about town.  Stay tuned.


  1. ADORABLE!!!! ....but did you actually cut your hair??????

  2. I did! Cut and color. All part of what I'm calling my Twin-life crisis. I love it!
    We should get together for lunch some time!

  3. We definitely need to.....Bethany too.