Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alice and Arden are 1 Month Old

Woah, this month has flown by!
We've been wildly busy.  2 babies is a ton of work.  And we can't forget about Aurora, she's been really good.  It's been an adjustment, but we're getting there. 
One month down.. Many more to go.  Check out what the ladies have been up to.  

They're getting big.  They're about 8lbs now.  

You can tell them apart right?  This is Alice.


Their first group photo.  

Going home from the hospital.  They weren't very happy.  

I love this one.  Aurora really is going to be an amazing sister. 

2 weeks old here.  Seems like Alice is screaming in all the photos... 



Oliver loves the boppy.  

The girls had their first bath.  It was pretty well tolerated.  

Sometimes big sister stacks frogs on your belly.  At least she's not hitting.  

They've changed so much already.  We're getting between 4-6 hour stretches at night, which is a good thing.  Hopefully that number keeps trending up.  Alice sleeps longer than Arden, but we wake them both for a night bottle.  They both like to be held.  Arden in particular is a snuggle bug.  
We're looking forward to fall.  I love fall.  We're hoping to get some walks in.  And Aurora's birthday is coming up, so stay tuned for that.  


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  1. BRAVO Jessica!!! Proud of you and you sound like a pro! Hope you have lots of time off still coming.