Monday, April 21, 2014

UCM Graduation Card

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter (I'm currently uploading all the cuteness that went down, so look for that) But in the meantime..
I've been pretty busy making invitations for my sister's graduation party.  She's graduating this year with a double degree, one in Biology and one in Modern Languages.  It's pretty impressive, so we need to PAR-TAY!

 UCM in Warrensburg is black and red.  Go Mules.

The card itself is pretty becomes a pain when you make a bunch of them.  I love the bow on this one.

Now that these invites are off my table, I can get back to Aurora's baby book.
Oh, by the way, her 6 month professional pictures are back, so I'll be sharing them soon! AND this week she turns 7 months old!  Shut the front door...I don't know where this time is going but we're all loving it for sure!
Stay tuned for more.
Same bat time, same bat channel.


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