Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aurora is 7 Months Old!

Woah!  This keeps happening..she's getting so big, and so smart..it's insane!

7 months!  It just sounds so old!!  She's already too good for "baby" things..like snuggling!

Her and Aster have some sort of special love bond...it's really cute.  He doesn't like anyone..and he's the last one I expected to crawl in her lap.

Still stylish!

She had her first food, sweet potatoes.  She likes them.  She's pretty much eaten everything we've given her.
Our first trip to the zoo.

She's mobile.  At the time she could only go backwards...she's moving forwards now..we're in trouble.

Still working on the selfie..

Can you see those jellies...adorable!

Her first piece of art..she'll be famous some day I'm sure.

We tried the sippy cup..and she hates it.  We're still working on it...she still hates it.

She's literally more fun every single day.  She is the best!  Pictures don't even begin to capture her..but we try.


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