Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Aurora had her first Easter this year!  This was of course the perfect occasion to get a pretty little Easter dress.  Don't be fooled, her dad picked this one out, he loves Easter dresses.
Her first Easter was pretty great!  The Easter Bunny visited and left things for her both at home and at Grammy's home.  She got tons of great stuff, like new spoons and bibs, several books, an adorable outfit for summer, and he even left some sunglasses at Grammy's..he must know we're going to break out the pool as soon as it's a touch warmer.  
The family all went down to Grammy's house and we had a great meal together. We went down the day before to help set up, and we managed to find some time to take some really cute pictures in her really cute dress.  These are some of my favorites.

 Her favorite part was the empty plastic eggs.

 Isn't that little bench adorable!  Her Granddad got it for her.  Thanks Granddad! 

 We went down by the lake to get some shots in the shade of the willow tree.  You can't see the tree, but this picture is cute anyway.

I know I promised 6 month photos..we're still waiting on the disk to arrive in the mail.  She'll be 7 months old on Thursday, we'll have a recap of the month later this week...it's been the best one yet!  She is more fun every single day!


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