Friday, June 29, 2012

NADAC Agility Trial 6-29-12

Agility Trial Today!!

Since I have to work this weekend, we were only able to go Friday night...but we'll take it where we can get it. 

New facility this time, indoors! 
Home base for the evening.

There were quite a few people.  We ended up by the exit door, Cora was most upset with the high traffic area.  We're going to pick a better spot next time. 

These trials always move so smoothly..

On to the footage!

Novice Hoopers.  Our first time in this event. It's all jumps, no tunnels, just hoops. He was a little slow, but we pulled through and got the Q!  Standard Course Time(SCT) was 33.60 and Oliver's time was 32.93.  We made it by the skin of our teeth!  We also took 2nd place. 

Novice Touch N Go.  First time here too.  The main focus in this event is the contact obstacles, the A-frame and the Dog Walk.  I figured the hardest part would be #13, which is to take the A-frame and not the tunnel after coming out of a different tunnel.  I was wrong.  We had trouble choose the tunnel right in the beginning. We also passed the Dog Walk and had to come back.  The rest of the run was great, a smidge slow...SCT was 59.45 and Oliver's time was 61.16!  That's 1.71 seconds OVER time!  So NQ here..first place, and a clean run, and I'll take that any day. 

Novice Weavers.  A first time event, and a first time disaster.  It went WAY south here folks.  You can see he's not focused when we get to the line.  He had a great start and NAILED the first set of weaves.  We came out of tunnel #5 and he lost his marbles.  He ran off, back to the start, through the first tunnel to get to something he smelled on the ground.  Eliminated.  We can't win them all..we need more practice for sure.

It wasn't a total bust of a day for sure!  One of our good friends and agility mates got a new title today.  They had their 3rd Qualifying Novice Hoopers run today, so Dixie the 3 legged dog earned her Novice Hoopers Title.  Way to go Dixie and Tim! 

He says "I tried hard Mama!"

Here's the breakdown. 
Novice Hoopers--Q (purple ribbon), 2nd place (red ribbon)
Novice Touch N Go--NQ, 1st place (blue ribbon)
Novice Weavers--Eliminated (boo!)

We had a great day.  It was great practice for the next trial.  We head to Springfield for the entire weekend in mid-July.  I'm super stoked.  I was nervous about the events we did today, but he handled them well, so I've got high hopes for Springfield.  

I have to work (lame) but everyone else have a good weekend. 


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