Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day 2012

So it's almost Father's Day...
See's EARLY!!
So, if you are a Father Figure in my life..stop reading..because these cards are on their way to you..right now.

I've been eyeing this card idea for a few years now.  It's from Dawn's Stamping Studio.  She's wonderful, and so are these cards. 

 They're shirt and ties!!

I made 3.  One for my Dad, one for Jon's Dad, and one for Curt. 

 They open under the collar to show the message.  They are super simple to put together.  Just 1 piece of paper.

I hope everyone has some good Father's Day plans planned.
This Saturday is Oliver's 2nd birthday..maybe there will be a photo edition featured know how I love that little dog.
We're also gearing up for another agility be on the look out for footage of our (hopefully) awesome victories!


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