Thursday, March 25, 2010

We bought a House!

We bought a new house, as most people already know. We're set to close in mid-May. We're beyond excited.
For now I'll only post some outside pictures, since once we get in there and start painting/fixing/working I'll want to do before and after pictures.

This is the front..duh. It's a corner house, so we have a fairly big lot for being in the city. This house was built in 1931, it looks pretty damn good for being that old.

The back yard is pretty good sized too. It has this really really awesome stone fence around it. There's a screened in porch as well as a patio on the side of the house. So it will be perfect for our kitties to enjoy the breeze.

If you don't love this archway then you suck. End of story. This is the best part of the outside. It leans a little, but it's really old. If it get's worse we'll have to look into fixing it..but for now it has "character" :-) We also have a 2 car garage.

We just fell in love with this house, and we can't wait for it to be ours. I'm sure I'll have moving pics and things of that nature. We have about 2 weeks after we get the house before we have to be out of our apartment, so we'll be painting some rooms as well as the kitchen cabinets, so look forward to that.


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  1. i love the archway so i guess i'm safe from becoming a resident of suckville- at least for now! Jessica