Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tree and Christmas Kitties

I promised some Christmas tree and kitty pictures, so that is what I'll be delivering today. Some of these pictures were on the Christmas cards Jonathan and I sent out this year...yeah we're those people..we don't have any kids, so we use cats...

Any way, this is our tree, it looks a bit different now, there's more stuff on it, after we went to Sam's club, we found some more stuff that matches the theme we already looks pretty awesome. There's more stuff under it too :-)

We spent a long time trying to take these pictures, because cats just don't want to cooperate. This is Aster by himself in the sleigh we borrowed from Jonathan's mother.

This is my winner, Bean being so cute in the Santa hat. He was the only one we could get to wear that hat. This is why he gets to stay..because he's do darn cute.

Chippy was the most difficult, he didn't want to participate at all.

It was tough to get all three of them to sit together. We wanted so badly to have them sitting with the sleigh, but it just wouldn't happen.

In the end we got them all on the table together, mostly looking in the same direction.

Our cards turned out really cute, I think.

I'm ready for this weekend, I've finished my mother's Christmas cards, so maybe I'll put a few more of them up, maybe not..because you can see them all in my Scrapjazz gallery. I'm glad that I can get back to some other projects, because you see, I haven't made the scrapbook from out New England trip, and that is going to be a lot of work.

Better get to it.


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