Thursday, October 2, 2014

Aurora is ONE Year Old!

It happened.  I don't have a baby any more..I have a toddler.  A very crazy toddler.

Her 12th month brought a ton of stuff.  She's so big now, it amazes me how much she's learned and grown in just a month. 

We went to Irish Fest.  She loves bagpipes already!

We also went apple picking.  She liked that they were tiny apples, just right for her hand. 

We played in the yard a little bit.  The weather has been so nice.

We went to the Ren Fest with Tia.  She's going to be a dragon slayer.  

Still best dressed.  I love fall clothes!

Grammy got her a chair of her very own.  She loves to get in it, then get down, then get in, then get down.

We had a super Seussical 1st birthday party!

We were able to use props from her 1 year photo shoot.

It was crazy to see all her monthly pictures next to each other.  She's gotten so big!

Party food. 

More party food.  We did a pretty good job I think.  She won't remember, but I will. 

Special chair for the Birthday girl!

They all lined up in the dining room, it was really cute!


Grammy got her a ball pit.

Yeah, it was a big hit.

So, I'm now the proud new owner of my very own ball pit.  Complete with a 6 foot tunnel.  Insane.
She got tons of nice things.  We're happy to have something new to play with.  She slept like a rock.

Be on the lookout for her professional pictures.  I'm running a bit behind..but they'll be next.

I don't know what I'm going to do about her updates next.  Should I keep doing the monthly stuff?  All this has gone in a scrapbook for her so far.  Do I keep that up, or do something else?  Definitely open to suggestions.

Stay tuned. 


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  1. Aww....happy birthday Aurora!!! Looks like the party was a huge hit!! I love the front door and the monthly birthday banner!! Looks to me like the ball pit was her favorite though