Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aurora is 11 Months Old!

We're in the final countdown!  One month until my baby is ONE!  I can hardly believe it.

I was looking back at the first photo we took of her in this chair, she was much much smaller!

Her and Aster as still buds.  

She loves Gramma's house because she gets pudding spatulas.  Gramma under minds me at every turn...that's what they're for I suppose. 

She gets yogurt pops while she's there too...she basically never wants to come home. 

We stand by ourselves now.  **and this technically didn't happen before she was 11 months old, but she took her first unassisted steps on August 29th, in Gramma's hotel at Irish Fest.**
She's chatting up a storm too.  She can say "Mama", "Dada", "Uh-oh"..she's been able to say those for a while.  She also says "Fish" and "Cracker".  We're working on her sign language, but she hasn't picked up anything new.  She still just says "more", "milk", "eat".  We're working on "please" and "cracker".  They work on it at school a lot too. 

We went to Fritz's train restaurant, she's a fan.  She eats pretty much everything now, which makes it so much easier to take her places.  

We went to Culver's night with Tia for Aurora's school.  Part of the proceeds went to Calvary Lutheran..we're doing our part!

She's changing so much all the time, it's so hard to keep up!
We're on our way to 1 year old.  Her photos are scheduled, and we're gearing up for the party, it's going to be insanely ONEderful!

Stay tuned!


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  1. She's WALKING?!?!?! What a cutie!
    Um.....Can I come to Gramma's? I like yogurt pops too!