Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aurora's 9 Month Photo Shoot

Yikes!  She's not quite 9 months yet, but we had Aurora's professional photo shoot yesterday.  It went really well, better than any of the others so far.  She was in a great mood, Jeff did a great job, we had a great time! I'm serious, if you need a photographer, you need The Mullikin Studio!  
Next week we'll recap what 9 months has been like, so for now, we'll all just admire the cuteness!

I love this one.  Jon is crazy about this girl.  

I think this one is my favorite of us.  She was unimpressed.

This is my baby.  I'm so glad we got some smiles finally!

And laughing too.

Sometimes teething gets in the way. 

Check back for the 9 month update.  


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