Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aurora is 9 Months Old!

Woah! 9 months has been the most fun yet! I can't believe we're on the home stretch to 1 year old...she is getting SO BIG!

She learns something new every single day.  She's pretty smart if I do say so myself..

It's getting harder to take her picture..she's a busy lady.

We've started new school.  She now goes to Lutheran new job doesn't have on site day care so we had to find a new provider.  She is loving it so far..and they love her.  I'm glad, because old school was pretty great, it's some big shoes to fill, but new school is doing a great job.

Oh yeah, we're pulling up on everything now...everything.  

We can open drawers too.  

All that standing and drawer pulling is exhausting work.  

I know the next month will be even better...perhaps we'll be walking?  Who knows..
Stay tuned.


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