Saturday, May 18, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 5-12-13 Day #3

Woah, I'm a super slacker.  Sorry..this week sort of got away from us.
I do have the details on our final day of competition at the trial from last weekend.  Man, I really need to get my act together.

Open Jumpers was first.  This course was so easy..and nicely laid out.  I had high hopes that this would be the one!  The one to earn our first Open Q.  Well it wasn't.  We had a tunnel mishap..not sure what happened there.  But we fixed it, and we were making up the time I thought we just might have it.  But he decided to take a jump that wasn't even in his path, much less on course.  Crazy dog.  I am glad however that we have a little Open experience under our belts before next time.

Novice Regulars.  You know how I feel about this event.  We keep trying, and this time we succeeded!  Again, a really great course.  The weave poles we in the middle of the course this time, so I had hoped it would help him keep his focus, and it did.  He was going a bit fast and you can see me try to slow him down, but he missed the entrance the first time..but he came right back around and got it on the second try!  Way to go Olliedog!

It mostly went down hill from here.  We had 2 chances at our Novice Tunnelers title, and we blew it both times.  Not enough speed in this first round.

And an off course in this second round.

We're going to keep at it.  We're going to attempt to trial in July.  I'll be pretty pregnant by then, but we're going to give it a go if I'm up for it.  We also might debut Coraline that weekend.  It should be interesting either way.

Stay tuned.


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