Saturday, May 11, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 5-11-13 Day #2

We were back at it for a full day of trialing.
We had high hopes since Friday night went so well, but today was more of a Barrel of Monkeys, with a few small victories thrown in.

On to the footage!!

We started our morning off with a little Touch N Go.  This would have been a beautiful run.  I don't know what's gotten into him lately, but he's been super fast all weekend.  As we were coming towards the camera, there are three hoops, he took all 3 at lightning speed and didn't even bother to look at me.  What was SUPPOSED to happen, he was supposed to take only 2 of them, then turn back for the tunnel.  He did however keep the great speed through the whole course, we did miss a hoop in the final stretch, but at that point it didn't matter, he'd already gone off course.  I was pleased with him that we hit all the discriminations. You can't see but we took the blue tunnel under the A-frame.  And if you follow along at all, you know the A-frame is his favorite.

We do Regular rounds mostly just for kicks.  We still have weaving problems..I don't know what his deal is, or how to fix it.  This course had a few problem spots for us.  He took a pause on the far side of the ring because I called him to me too soon.  My plan was to be on top of it because the next thing in his line of sight after that hoop was the A-frame.  I wanted to make sure he made the turn.  He did, but after a pause.  He was going so fast that he kept on running to that red jump near the end.  You can see we took the weave poles way too fast and he was super amped up..and really we never have a prayer of completing them accurately..but I'm pleased with his speed..that's hard for me to get out of him.

Again if you follow along, you know that we earned our Novice Jumpers Title, meaning we can move up to the Open class, and we did.  This was our very first Open run.  We started off pretty good, but then you can see I forget that I wanted to cross in front of him, and in my haste to make it happen, I kicked up some dirt, well he thought it deserved investigating..after that I had trouble getting it together, and I jacked up the serpentine pattern too.  You can see I push him left too soon, then I have to stop to get him over to the correct side of the jump.  He finished fast though and really for a first effort we couldn't have asked for more.   We were about 10 seconds over time.  I like to think that if I had my handling together that we would have made it.  I'm excited to give it another try tomorrow morning.

That's right, one more day in the ring.  We're getting 2 chances at our Tunnelers title tomorrow..wish us luck!


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