Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NADAC Agility Trial 3-17-13 Day 3

Sorry for the delay on the final day of the trial..but Team Rodgers was wiped out after we got home.
Our last day wasn't a total bust, but I had been hoping for a little better.

This was our first run on Sunday morning.  We had the opportunity to bump up to the Open class since we got a title on Saturday, but we decided to stay in Novice just to help build some confidence for both of us.  He did really well, he had nice speed and stayed with me the whole time.  You can see at the end he looks off, he was checking out the bar setter.  It seems to bother him when other people are out on the field.  Oh well, he came right back to it and we finished 1st place and got the Q!

We keep entering Regulars..and we keep hoping it will go well..but it keeps not happening.  This course looked pretty straight forward.  I thought it was going to be fairly easy until we got to the weave poles at the end.  We started off strong and I had high hopes since there were no discriminations.  But, you can see as we come back around, he's supposed to take the tunnel under the A-frame..he swings wide and takes the frame instead...twice.  And the weaves at the end were terrible...they're always terrible in the ring.  I'll have you know that Sunday morning before we left the house..he did them perfectly in the yard.  We've still got a lot of work to do.

The first Tunnelers run.  Our first chance at the title.  He had a nice run, and I felt good about it, but it turned out to be too slow.  We were 5 seconds over time.  So no Q for us here.

This run was nice too, until I blew it.  You can see me look around like a retard..I lost Oliver.  I thought he missed the yellow tunnel..he didn't, but I couldn't get it back together after that.  He stalled at the blue tunnel, which cost us the 4 seconds we were over time.

Next trial we're up for a Touch N Go title, and a Tunnelers title.

It's in May, so we've got a little bit of time, and hopefully some nice weather to get some practice time in.


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