Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Went to Weston..and I'm a Bad Blogger

I am an ultra slacker.  Team Rodgers has been going non stop for weeks now!
Jonathan had knee surgery, Coraline started intermediate obedience training, Oliver is back in agility training, and we're entering our very first trial next month!  We hope to have lots of photos and maybe some video action of that when it happens.  Also, we're behind over 4 weeks in our DVR watching. 
Last week we went to Weston to visit Jonathan's parents.  A good time was had by all. The dogs love it, and I love it because it makes the dogs extra tired :-)

This face is cute..but it's all trouble. 

I always seem to catch them like this. 

Picasso always hangs out with us when we visit. 

Jojo is such a pretty girl, and a good sport..she likes to wear dresses.  Cora was lucky enough to get some hand me downs that don't fit anymore. 

Oh yeah, I bought a new car..that's it there parked in front of the house.  I love love love it a lot!

We took our babies out for a walk and a little shopping. 

Oliver loves to have his photo taken. 

Turns out, husbands were 50% off that day...

Grandma Kin and Coraline the unicorn

Aunt Rachel is always fun!  Cora loves everyone!

I'm hoping to have some crafting time in the next week...I haven't made ANYTHING in forever..I'm starting to feel it..and my room feels neglected. 


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