Friday, May 19, 2017

First Family Trip to Wichita Part 1

It's been a long while since I've posted anything. It's going to be harder now that the app for this isn't supported on my phone...but I will try.
So, we decided we needed a family vacation.  We haven't been anywhere since Aurora was born.  None of the girls has ever slept anywhere but their own beds, so we knew this was going to be interesting.

Everyone all lunched up and ready to hit the road to Wichita.

We stopped in Emporia for ice cream and to stretch our legs.  Since the car accident I'm not able to sit for long periods of time, so we weren't sure how this trip was going to go.  I think I did ok. 

Ice cream was a big hit. 

We made it a little further and had to stop again.  This time at a rest stop.  It was past nap time and the girls were a little restless. They had some green space where the girls could run around. 

Everyone's first time in a hotel. Trying to explain what it was to Aurora before our trip was challenging.  She couldn't understand why anyone would sleep away from home. 

The hotel wouldn't give us 2 cribs, so we had to make due.  We were in a larger room with a pull out couch, so we took the mattress off of it and fenced it in so there wouldn't be any nighttime wandering.

It's important to stretch. 

Aurora figured out pretty quickly how hotels work..she immediately tested out the bed. 

After dinner we found a nice little park for the girls to burn off some steam, and hopefully get nice and tired before bed. 

It didn't work.  Aurora spend 45 minutes pestering me in my bed. The babies wouldn't fall asleep unless Jon laid with them.  We woke up tired already.  

We had breakfast at a local diner.  It was delicious. 

Everyone handled meal time really well.  They're getting to be such big girls!

Saturday we went to the Sedwick County Zoo. 

Everyone was very excited. 

Aurora got to feed a giraffe!  She thought it was amazing!  She wasn't scared at all!

They had several really nice statues all over the whole zoo. 

The grizzly bear was really neat. 

We fed some fish. 

The tiger was sleeping, but we took a photo with the statue.  The zoo was set up really nicely, and all the animal enclosures were really nice too.  I was impressed with the size of some of them. 


The gorilla had a baby.  They had 2 gorillas with babies. It was pretty awesome to watch. 

They had tons of elephants, and a large space for them to walk with a really nice viewing deck. 

Lion cub. 

The lion was so close to the glass!  Aurora wouldn't stand next to him.  

He put his paw on the glass, it's huge!  Aurora also refused to touch it.  

We had a pretty great day. Everyone had a nice time at the zoo. 

Alice didn't nap in the stroller, so she napped at dinner.  

The ice cream was the best part.  Too bad for Alice. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the visit.  
We also had professional photos taken, and they're really cute.  


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