Saturday, November 21, 2015

Alice and Arden are 3 Months Old!

3 months is here!  It's gone really fast!
I'm back at work, and we're trying hard to establish our new "normal".  It's going pretty well so far.  I'm glad to be back to work, and the girls seem to love going to school.  I know Aurora loves having "her babies" there during the day.

3 Months!!  They're still pretty good sleepers.  We still have the occasional early wake up call.

You can tell them apart right?  Arden, my fat girl.

Alice, my sweet always happy girl. 

We spend lots of time on the floor.  Aurora loves to play with them.  Her favorite is "tummy time"

We watched the World Series and cheered our Royals to victory!

Arden liked watching the parade on TV.  

Alice is smiles all the time. 

Arden is getting there.  She's not as laid back as Alice. 

More floor time. 

Still more floor time.  They like to look at each other.  They really LOVE looking at Aurora. 

We took the whole circus to the Zoo last weekend.  Aunt KT works there, and it's been a while since we've visited her.

Aurora had a blast!  The littles slept the whole time. 

Aunt KT showing us her animals.  She even fed the lions so they would come close so we could see them.  Aurora is still talking about it. 

Sometimes the star align and everyone is having a great time.  They're both getting really chatty, it's so much fun to watch them figure things out.  We're going to have some rollers soon. 

Next on our dance card is their professional 3 month pictures. So stay tuned.  


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  1. I love being rewarded when I check your blog!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!