Friday, March 14, 2014

NADAC Agility Trial 3-14-14

It feels so good to be back in the ring!
We haven't been to a trial since July, while I was still pregnant with Aurora.
We've been trying to practice, but we had so much snow, being in the backyard has been difficult.  We were only able to compete one day in this trial.  We wanted to use is as a little break back into the sport.  I tried really hard to have no expectations, since we've been benched for so long.

Since we only entered one day, we went ahead and entered all 3 events for Friday night.  We usually don't ever Weavers..because weave poles are Oliver's weakest obstacle. He's been doing really well in the yard, for being so out of practice.  He gets the first set with no problem.  However, the other 2 sets cause some trouble.  We obviously didn't qualify, but it gives me hope that with enough practice we just might have a Q or two coming our way on this event.

Touch N Go is Oliver's best event.  We've advanced to the Open level.  This course was a little tricky.  The last hoop of the course is also obstacle number 7 or so..right in the middle..I was worried he'd think he was finished..he did, but it didn't slow him down much.  We finished with a great run that was 7 seconds under course time!  We took a Q and 1st place!  So happy!

Tunnelers is a sort of take it or leave it event for Oliver.  I was hoping since it was Friday night instead of Sunday like usual that he'd be a little more fired up and I'd get some good speed.  Well, it did work out that way.  It was a nice course that flowed well for us.  We were only under by 2 seconds..but that's good enough for a Q and 1st place at the Open level.

I love it when we have a great day at a trial.  Oliver really pulled out the stops and showed everyone that he's an agility dog today.
I couldn't be more proud of my boy!
We can't wait for the next trial in May.


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