Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aurora is 2 Months Old!

We've been pretty busy this last month.  We're definitely getting the hang of this baby thing.

This last month has definitely been more fun.  She's awake more.  She's interested in stuff.
She's completely sleeping through the night, every night.  This means that she doesn't nap during the day, at all..which is hard sometimes.
We had our 2 month appointment yesterday (she's 10 weeks..but that's what happens when Thanksgiving holidays roll around...the doctor gets booked up.)  She's doing great.  She weighed in at 12lb 10oz  She's a little chunk.  She's 23 1/4 inches long.  With a head circumference of 16 inches.  She's 75th percentile for height, and 90th for both weight and dome size.  She's taking after her dad already.  

She's getting so big!

We hang out in our bouncer in the basement..we also bought a swing, hoping to encourage napping..she likes it ok..but she's not fooled into sleeping.

We visit Grammy a lot.  Daisy dog likes to get in the pen with her...she's looking for Aurora's pacifier...to chew.

Our first Halloween.  We went up to Weston to spend it with Jonathan's parents.

We've also been to mass.  She's only been to 1/2 a mass..Jon had to take her to the car half way through.

Tia KT brought Aurora this shirt from Belize..it's unBelizable!

We went to Cameron's 2nd birthday.  It was super fun!  4 toddlers and 4 babies.  We got our first mini-cold the following week.

She's got tons of great outfits!  We can hardly wear them all.

Oh, yeah!  And she smiles all the time!
I think we're really close to a laugh..I'm very excited!

Our 3 month pictures are coming up, I'm getting ready to head back to work, so things are going to get interesting around here.


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